A Cold Brew For You

Can we please have a cold brew?

cold brewing blogAs the summer season is in full swing with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius in England, coffee lovers swap their favourite hot drink for its cold alternative – cold coffee. So forget about the traditional way of preparing coffee and start using cold water instead! True coffee geek’s summer choice will most certainly sway towards the cold brew.
So how did this cold goodness come to life? There were several rumours, but the first official evidence shows that this brilliant idea of cold brew began its journey in 1964, when a young man and his wife were in Peru and were served a cup of coffee prepared with a liquid concentrate as its base. In spite of his wife’s severe acid sensitivity, he realized that she was able to drink it without any issues. Following this discovery, he didn’t need anymore convincing. He brought this idea back to the US and founded Toddy , the first cold brewing system.

So what is cold brewing exactly?

It is a result of soaking ground coffee in cold or room temperature water for up to 24 hours and consequently, extracting the water soluble compounds. The concentrate created has the consistency comparable to syrup and could be cut with milk or water. It doesn’t sound difficult, does it? What is more, it is not even difficult to make it at home.Colindale-cold-brew-shop
Ever remember a time sitting in a coffee shop looking at someone who had that tremendously pretty drink and wondering “what it that…”? Well most probably, it was a cold brew. A good cold brew is known for its elaborate method of presentation. Whether it is in a bottle, jam jar or from draught, drinking cold brew will definitely satisfy all your senses. The most interesting one is serving draught cold brew straight from a tap. Preparation is similar to the Toddy method, however, when it gets kegged with nitrogen, it makes you feel that you are drinking a nitro stout beer. For those of you who enjoy drinking coffee from the comfort of your own home or office, there is a cool-looking alternative as well. Make some space in the fridge and fill it with Wandering Bear Coffee Co. cold brew , an impressive New York based start-up
Now back to basics……. Probably the most traditional way of serving cold brew would be in a bottle. Starting from its concentrated form, sweetened or unsweetened with some herbal infusion, the bottled cold brew is trending for the past few years. Nowadays, you can find it in almost every coffee shop and can guarantee that its taste would make you come back for more. So forget about iced latte, cappuccino or caramel iced macchiato and go straight for the cold brew.Coffee affair with cold brew