Latte Art

latte art barista london blogSitting in one of those urban coffee shops in London, I order a cappuccino and remember an article I read in Caffeine magazine about how hard it can be to pour a perfect rosetta on a cappuccino. The answer? ….. harder than you might think.Latte art , the magic words unknown until the early 1980s, makes every barista question his or her abilities. It lies in many jugs of under-aerated milk, hundreds of wasted espresso shots and countless hours of inglorious attempts at drawing on a cappuccino.But firstly, what actually is latte art? The simplified answer would be that latte art is steamed milk carefully poured into a perfectly pulled shot of espresso, with a perfect crema, in order to create various patterns.
In other words, it is the only drink in which creativity could be consumed. Honestly, could you imagine any other drink which would look and taste as great as coffee with a beautifully sculpted swan delicately poured over it?
barista skills and latte artNowadays, latte art has transformed coffee culture to a completely new level. By ordering any kind of milky coffee, from cappuccino to cafe latte, customers would expect to get a pattern on their favourite coffee no matter what.Therefore, in the competitive coffee industry, it is no longer just about excellent beans, accurate grind granularity, perfectly frothed milk or soothing interior decor, but also the Barista’s ability to pour a perfect tulip on a coffee.Consequently, the presence of latte art caused modern Baristasto be judged based on their coffee art abilities.
To see some of the worlds most revered Baristas, there are many competitions, including World Latte Art Championships , allowing Baristas to challenge their milk-drawing skills.
Year by year, competitors raise the standard to enable us to witness breath-taking artistic creations. Not excluding the 2014 World Latte Art Champion, where ¬ Christian Ullrich from Germany had a goal to raise the bar even higher by making better coffee than ever before.
Latte art classes in colindale londonAs we see an increase in Baristas rising to the challenge of crafting the perfect cup to the delight of their clients, it seems clear that without the showmanship of some kind of creamy artistic creation, our coffee drinking experience leaves us wanting!
If you are interested in seeing some amazing Baristas show you how it’s really done, please check out the resources below. Better still, if you want to take it one step further, come and join us at one of our Latte art classes.