the expanding coffee cultureLiving in the fast moving world, we all try to save as much time as possible for ourselves.We do online shoppung, dinners are delivered to our doors and the time which we used to spend by sitting in coffee shops is limited to the time we spend queuing to get our coffee in paper cup. But could we really enjoy coffee in a paper cup? Nowadays, like never before, human beings pay more attention to the things which they put in their mouths. Everything must be fresh, organic, fair trade or natural. Somehow we end up at the point where coffee is good enough, if it is brown and hot. And something tells me that is not the right way to go.

My last trip brought me to Barcelona where I attended a coffee tasting in a lovely coffee shop called Café El Magnifico ( which currently celebrates its 25 anniversary. The owner, Salvador Sans, who is currently one of the judges in Cup of Excellence, talked us through everything what a true coffee lover should know. Besides, he shared with us one story which could be simply implied on any chain coffee shop in the country. The story was about three shoemakers with their businesses on the same street. One day, the one of them put the sign “The best shoemaker of the city”, which made the other one thinks how he could compete with something like this. So, he came up with the sign “The best shoemaker of the country”. Thus, you could guess the feelings of the third shoemaker. He was desperate and did not know what to do. Nevertheless, he got the bright idea and put the sign on – “The best shoemaker of the street”. The point here is that many times, you do not have to think big to be the best. As proven by many case studies, the smaller companies will always deliver the higher quality services and goods than the bigger one.

It is not about being the best in the country. It is all about doing your job properly and love what you are doing. That means putting your heart and soul into what you are making. On that note, it is almost impossible to maintain the same quality when you are expanding. The first few coffee shops you open with people you hire might have the quality you want because you can check up on them yourself. But the more you expand the harder it becomes to know each and every name of your staff. Before you know it some of your staff might not even drink coffee and not like it at all. If I was to compare two baristas from two different shops I would look at the way of Some coffee lovers would say that the only right way of serving coffee is black and without sugar.enjoy coffee the way you like it

In my opinion, the right coffee is the one which you like the most. If you prefer coffee milky, then drink milky coffee. If you prefer flavoured coffee, then drink flavoured coffee. Nevertheless, every added syrup, whipped cream or sugar will change the coffee taste. Thus, do not be surprised if your pumpkin latte which you drink on daily basis, will taste different compared to normal unflavoured latte which enables you to actually feel the coffee.making coffee. When you see the barista at your urban shop making your morning drink you see him stroking the handle as if it was the love of his life and his main focus is on pouring you the nice rosetta ( It is not a race, it is a marathon. He fully pays attention to every single cup. And yes, maybe I have attended the wrong Costa, Starbucks or Nero, but there must be something behind it if my cup of coffee never tasted okay.

At some point, I must admit that we should be grateful to those chain stores, because they are successfully expanding coffee culture among people. To be fair, thanks to them coffee became fashionable accessories, I mean how often could you see your favourite celebrity photographed carrying a cup with a topless mermaid on it? They made coffee inseparable part of morning. Nonetheless, the best thing what they did is that thanks to them the proper coffee shops have a need to do better, to show customers the real difference between espresso and ESPRESSO and to make them really enjoy thier piece of art in the cup.